The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is located on the Virginia Tech Campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.
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VA-MD Vet Med switchboard: 540-231-7666
Veterinary Teaching Hospital: 540-231-4621
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Veterinary Teaching Hospital
VA-MD Vet Med
245 Duck Pond Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Parking at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Hospital visitors are NOT required to obtain a Virginia Tech visitor parking permit to use the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's parking areas designated for clients. If, however, you plan to visit other areas of the Virginia Tech campus, a visitor permit will be required.

Please call 540-231-4621 if you have questions about client parking.

Small Animal Client Parking

When you enter the main driveway to the college, you will see parking areas on the left for faculty/staff and small animal clients.

Follow the signage, and park only in those spaces designated for hospital clients. If you park in a spot designated for faculty/staff, you will be ticketed. Please visit the Small Animal Hospital reception desk if you receive a parking ticket.

If you are unable to find a client parking space, enter the circular drive and pull up to the hospital entrance. Visit the Small Animal Hospital reception desk, where a receptionist will issue a parking pass for other parking areas.

Large Animal Receiving

When you enter the main driveway to the college, continue past the parking areas on the left reserved for faculty/staff and Small Animal Hospital clients. Follow the signage for Large Animal Client Parking.

Equine clients should park vehicles in the Equine Receiving parking area. Farm animal clients will receive instructions for animal drop-off and parking.