Anesthesia services

The Anesthesia Service provides the following:

  • Multi-species general anesthesia, pain management, and local anesthetic services for patients in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's Small Animal and Large Animal hospitals
  • Anesthetic services for all surgeries performed in the hospitals, as well as for animals undergoing diagnostic procedures that require general anesthesia
  • Consultation for other sub-specialties within the hospitals seeking solutions to sedation and pain management problems
  • Consultation with the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center and the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center for routine and emergent patients
  • Consultation with local veterinarians on anesthetic emergencies or on planning for difficult or challenging anesthetic cases

All of our patients undergo a careful physiological assessment prior to being premedicated and anesthetized. Extensive monitoring with state-of-the-art equipment, analgesia, and intra-operative fluid administration are conducted throughout the procedure and until the patient has fully recovered consciousness.

Anesthesia personnel

Valerie Vaught
Valerie Vaught, RT(R)(CT), Supervisor, Diagnostic Imaging and Support Services
Missy Stillinger
Missy Stillinger, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia), Manager
Photo available soon
Ashley Bath, LVT, Anesthesia Technician
Heather Catanzaro
Heather Catanzaro, LVT, Anesthesia Technician
Lauren Martin
Lauren Martin, LVT, Anesthesia Technician
Carmen McBride
Carmen McBride, LVT, Anesthesia Technician
Brittany Patrick
Brittany Patrick, LVT, Anesthesia Technician
Amy Richardson
Amy Richardson, LVT, Anesthesia Technician