For appointments and emergencies, please call 540-231-4621.

Production Management Medicine provides on-the-farm primary and emergency patient care and preventive health care programs to animals within a 35-mile practice area of Blacksburg. On-farm consultation is provided to veterinarians outside the 35-mile radius. Fees are charged for professional services, mileage, pharmaceuticals, biologics, supplies, and laboratory submissions. Written recommendations are provided to producers and referring veterinarians.

Services available

  • Field services for herd health and individual sick animal evaluation
  • Reproductive services, including pregnancy diagnosis, breeding soundness examinations, estrus synchronization, artificial insemination, and fetal sexing
  • Surgical procedures, including C-sections, abdominal surgeries, and claw amputation
  • Diagnostic services, including radiology, ultrasound, and collection of samples (blood, feces, milk) for in-house diagnostics
  • 24-hour emergency service

Herd health and preventive services

  • An integrated approach to the identification, resolution, and prevention of health problems in herds and flocks, including
    • Nutrition: body condition scoring and feed stuff evaluation
    • Preventive care: dehorning, castration, vaccination, parasite control programs
    • Small ruminant specific work: parasite management programs, foot trimming
  • Programs designed and monitored to economically improve animal health and productivity
  • Disease surveillance, field diagnostic sampling, and necropsy

In-house facilities

  • Safe and efficient hydraulic tilt table
  • Aqua-cow float system for down cows
  • 24-hour health monitoring and care for sick animals
  • Access for referral to specialties, including, but not limited to, neurology, dermatology, internal medicine, surgery, and cardiology

Production Management Medicine personnel