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Nutrition Consultation

Dr. Shepherd giving a nutrition exam

The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine provides nutrition evaluations for equine patients in our hospital and on the farm through our Equine Field Service. If you have questions about our nutrition services, please contact us at 540-231-4621 for in-hospital or on-farm treatment.

Maintaining health with nutrition

The provision of balanced nutrition is the cornerstone of maintaining health, preventing and treating multiple disorders, and enhancing the quality and duration of life. In-depth nutrition consultation services are available for individual animals or groups of horses. Feeding programs are designed using the latest technology of feeding and feeding systems to promote optimal growth, health, and performance.


  • Body condition scoring
  • Hay and pasture nutrient evaluation
  • Establishment of sensible nutrition practices
  • Individual animal feeding programs
  • Farm management feeding programs
  • Nutritional counseling for all the various life stages of large animals:
    • Maintenance
    • Production/performance
    • Growth
    • Reproduction